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Rapid Actionable Insights


Digital Twin Interface

MeghaAI offers real-time, actionable, and configurable insights for your plant floor. Our platform allows you to view a digital twin, visualize streaming and historical data, and make data-driven decisions. With MeghaAI, you can improve efficiency, optimize operations, and drive growth. Try our platform today and see the benefits for yourself.


Real-Time Data Analytics

MeghaAI's Insights Platform is designed to provide businesses with cutting-edge anomaly detection, trending analysis, and diagnosis capabilities. Our platform is built on top of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, which allows us to synthesize streaming data and monitor the health of your assets in real-time. With MeghaAI, you'll receive alerts when machines behave abnormally, and you'll know exactly what data led to our automated decisions. Whether you're looking to improve efficiency, optimize operations, or drive growth, MeghaAI's Insights Platform is the perfect solution for your needs.


Manufacturing KPIs

Our Platform is designed to streamline the process of defining and tracking crucial metrics for your manufacturing operations. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily customize and create KPIs tailored to your specific needs – all without requiring any coding expertise. Whether you're focused on production efficiency, quality control, or resource utilization, our platform empowers you to set up, monitor, and analyse KPIs effortlessly.


Site Customization

Dynamic Configuration for Operational Objectives. With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly tailor your site's settings to accommodate various losses for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), shift details, and other critical operational objectives.


3D Digital Twin

The intelligent 3D model, uses innovative and unique technology to optimize the data and when combined with cloud-based rendering enables high speed data transition and rendering even on devices with low memory including low end mobile devices. The platform offers easy corelation of this model with plant assets along with AI model generated Insights for these assets optimize the running of plants operations


Industry Analytical

Elevate your manufacturing processes with Industry and asset specific analytic templates. Boost efficiency, streamline maintenance, and optimize operations through structured templates designed for your manufacturing units and industry-specific machine assets. These templates offer a blueprint to analyze performance, diagnose challenges, and drive well-informed decisions. By tailoring templates to individual assets, you unlock the power to enhance productivity and slash downtime.


 Machine GPT

Unleash the potential of your manufacturing data with our groundbreaking feature, Machine GPT. Powered by advanced AI technology, Machine GPT delves deep into your manufacturing data to reveal invaluable insights and opportunities for optimization. Seamlessly integrated into your workflow, Machine GPT transforms raw data into actionable intelligence, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive efficiency like never before.


Monitor Break Downs, RCA and
Quality Failures with no Code AI.

MeghaAI's Asset Health interface is designed to make it easy for businesses to monitor the health of their assets. Our no-code AI solution allows you to simply select an asset and its sensors, and build an anomaly detection model in minutes. This means that you can quickly and easily identify potential issues with your equipment, and take action to address them before they become major problems. With MeghaAI, you'll have the tools you need to keep your assets running smoothly, and to improve the efficiency of your operations. Try our Asset Health interface today and see the benefits for yourself.

Car Factory
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